Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Blaine and Celebrity Blogs

This is most of the blog entry that I had written last night on my other blog after watching David Blaine's special. I wanted to post it here and then do some more commentary from the celebrity blogs' point of view. I quote myself..

I just wasted two hours of my life watching David Blaine's latest and lamest stunt. He hung upside down for 60+ hours (and also took lots of breaks, according to witnesses), and then ABC pumped up this huge finale, called Dive of Death. I'm too bitter to think of a better name for it. But here's how it went.

It was 1 hour and 59 minutes of watching David be upside down, and taking breaks. In between that, there were clips of him doing street magic. The entire time I'm wishing that David supported a charity, and raised money during these specials (possibly a telethon) that all went to a charity. Then at least it would have been useful! Then, in the last minute, David jumps from the rafters held by a cord. The cord then pulled him up and out of sight into the night. Yes, he "disappeared" into the night. It's 11:15. Not much can be seen in the dark, and if I remember correctly... I'm pretty sure he was wearing all black!

I'm so unimpressed and I want two hours of my life back. The crowd watching him in Central Park was speechless, but not in a good way. One of the commentators ends the broadcast as "He's GONE! He disappeared into thin air!" The credits began to roll, while myself and hundreds of thousands of others are just sitting here, confused about what just happened. Again, not in a good way.

David Blaine had not gotten much attention from celebrity blogs until people who went to see his stunt got to witness him taking these much-needed breaks to relieve himself and release pressure on his brain from all the blood flowing to his head. It was then that people wrote to celebrity blogs like TMZ and Perez Hilton calling Blaine a faker. The blogs, who were not there to witness it, posted some of the emails they had received. This morning, both websites posted about how David Blaine's stunt was disappointing.

Perez says:

We previously mentioned that many folks felt like David Blaine 'cheated' his way through his 3 day, 60-hour hanging stunt over New York's Central Park because he took multiple right side up breaks during the endeavor. At least one an hour. Sometimes more!

New Yorkers are a vocal bunch and they let Blaine know how craptasticlly they viewed this latest attention seeking gig.

The 'magician' was booed by onlookers at the big, ceremonial 'conclusion' event of his 'death defying' hanging stunt in New York City on Wednesday night.

Does this mean we won't hear from Blaine for a long time!

Don't come back unless you have something really, really good, Davie!

Had ABC muted the scene after David "disappeared"? I don't recall hearing any booing. Although, like I mentioned above, they began rolling the credits right after he went out of sight.

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