Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introduction/First Assignment - Blogs

Some of you out there in the internet world may know me as the "R.I. girl living in Boston"... aka, by the name of my other blog, which can be found at If you have not visited that blog already, please visit! It's a great time.

I started this blog for my professor Dan Kennedy's class, called Reinventing the News, and plan on holding this for longer than just the fall semester. I first got really into blogs when I became obsessed with celebrity gossip and needed to finally enroll for a RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed of my favorite gossip websites and blogs. Strangely enough, my first assignment is to write about my three favorite blogs.

Number 1 Favorite Blog: Perez Hilton.

Perez Hilton is the man. For information on this gossip gangster, visit his Wikipedia page. Whenever there is breaking gossip news, Perez is often the first to have it uploaded onto his site. His trademark is to draw little white lines or dots on the pictures, and writing words like "sexy" or "eww" next to a celebrity. He's also known to draw a white stick figure baby onto a pregnant celebrity's stomach.

Perez's website allows everyone to comment on each post. Perez was one of the first celebrity bloggers to really make it big in the celebrity blogging world. He's appeared on specials for VH1 and MTV giving his opinion on celebrities, and even has his own 1-hour special around award-season time, called "What Perez Sez," when he sits down and interviews celebrities and often gets even the tensest celebrity, such as Victoria Beckham, to open up and talk about her life (and why she never smiles).

Number 2 Favorite Blog: Universal Hub.

Universal Hub is maintained by Adam Gaffin and Steve Garfield and together, they comb the web's best Boston-area blogs and post entries and pictures that they think others would like to see on their blog. I am partial to Universal Hub because several of my blog entries have been posted on their site. Just yesterday, there was an incident where a person tried to imitate a police officer and rob somebody, and Universal Hub is where I first read the story, which is also link here by Adam:
Boston Police report they managed to nab a Roxbury man dressed as a cop just as he was about to rape a woman in a school yard early this morning and that they think he also attacked a second woman in Egleston Square - who fled before actual police officers could get to her.

Sometimes they will add funny comments, and Universal Hub also allows registered people to comment on each blog entry.

Number 3 Favorite Blog: BPD News.

This is the blog that is run and maintained by the Boston Police Department media relations team. They post several times a day about the crimes and bad going-ons in Boston. It is both a scary and interesting read. One thing that I have noticed is that they will post stories and incidents that the newspapers and local tv stations don't always cover -- such as a group of robberies in one area of the city. I wish this blog was more popular because it would make people more aware. When I wanted more information about the assault that I first heard about on Universal Hub I came to BPD News to learn more, where I was not let down. An excerpt here, the rest can be found at the link:
Officers then spoke with the female, who stated she was en route to visit her boyfriend who lived nearby. She then stated that the suspect approached her and identified himself as a police officer. She then stated that the suspect pulled the gun from his waist, pointed it at her and took cash from her pocket. Victim further stated that the suspect then made a sexually suggestive threat. She also said that is when police arrived. Officers asked the victim if she needed medical attention but she declined.

As a result, officers arrested Royal Smith, 23, of Roxbury and charged him with Armed Robbery, Attempted Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault, and Impersonating a Police Officer. Officers believe this individual is also potentially connected to the earlier incident in Egleston Square.

I hope you all enjoy my favorite blogs just as much as I enjoy reading them!

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