Sunday, October 5, 2008

Link Journalism

On who other but America's sweetheart, Sarah Palin. Here's what Boston-area bloggers are saying:

Hub Blog only has a one-liner about Palin and then links to a Huffington Post article. According to Hub Blog (Technorati authority: 30), Palin misused a saying by John Winthrop, founding governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The person behind Anali's First Amendment (Technorati authority: 38) is convinced that Sarah Palin is going to kill her in a nightmare she had.
"Anyway, here is my Palin nightmare. I think I was locked in a basement. It was really dark and I was so scared. All I could see was a gigantic vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and multi-colored candies on top. I don't remember even seeing Palin, but her presence was looming and ominous. I knew she was there and that I had to get away, because she was going to kill me. I was getting more and more terrified and I couldn't see to get away from her. I was paralyzed with fear and trying to scream."

I can't disagree that I would be terrified if Palin was in my dream. It's not someone I want to see when I'm sleeping, let alone when I'm awake on my television screen.

Steve Garfield isn't writing asmuch as talking about Sarah Palin. In his blog, Off On a Tangent (Technorati authority: 42), Garfield posts a YouTube clip of a song (with subtitles!) called Hey Sarah Palin. It's pretty ridiculous and super funny. Clearly, he knows how to share his thoughts about Palin through his videoblogging.

On the Bay State Liberal blog (Technorati authority: 24), the writer talks about in this post, and writes: "With evidence mounting that Sarah Palin is now becoming a drag on the Republican ticket, the Republican fear and smear machine is kicking it up a notch, trying to plant the seeds of bias and doubt in advance of her debate with Joe Biden." The writer also manages to fit in a few blows to Fox News on how they covered the pre-VP debate, noting that the person who runs Fox is the same man who ran Bush's '88 campaign.

Over at Pundit Review (Technorati authority: 64), a post on Oct 3 mentions that Palin wins by not losing, written by a person named Kevin. I quote from his post:

I think Palin should send a dozen roses to Tina Fey this morning. She clearly benefited by people expecting so little from her.
Palin did just ok in my book. She clearly has a wafer thin understanding of most issues outside taxes and energy. She ignored many questions and just retreated to her warm and comfy areas of expertise.

Kevin discussed more in depth about the debate, mentioning that Palin left lots to be discussed on the table and didn't answer the harder questions, while Biden wasn't his "overbearing self". It's funny, because at the end of his post he shows his distate for Barack Obama. I wonder who Kevin will vote for then..

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Anali said...

Nice blog you have here Michaela! Glad to see that the terror of my nightmare has been put to good use. : )