Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wired Journalists

I've had a Wired Journalists account for a few months now, ever since I created my first blog. Unfortunately, for some reason or another, I've never really explored the website so much. I had uploaded a photo, updated my "about me" section, and only joined the Northeastern University group. On Monday, I had gone to ALDS Game 4, so I uploaded some photos onto Wired Journalists to show people what I saw in the hours before the game. It was slow uploading them - I'd say it took the same amount of time to upload 3 photos on Wired Journalists that it usually takes Facebook to upload 60 photos - so I was pretty disappointed about that. This is a photo I took from five stories up in Fenway Park looking over Yawkee Way. I jiggled the camera a bit while taking it to show more motion than there was when I took the photo. To see the other photos I took from Fenway that I uploaded to Wired Journalists, please click here.

I joined the group, Get Wired, Get Hired on Wired Journalists just to see what kind of opportunities come up. It's a place for people to join and for papers and web developers to print jobs they may have for wired journalists and bloggers. I don't know how often it is updated with new jobs, but there's only a little more than 100 people in the group as of today. Altogether, I don't love Wired Journalists because it just isn't as popular as I'd like it to be. I wish more people could join and it could be developed further, and then I believe I'd use it more often. It's kind of like a (slowly) growing facebook for journalists.

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